Shanghai to Yiwu City Ways and Time

Shanghai To Yiwu:
Train takes about 4 hours or less from shanghai to yiwu. There are three Trains only take about 2 hours. There're plenty of options between shanghai and yiwu. Make sure you board a quicker and clearer one. The staff at your hotel should provide you with booking assistance. Learn more about the train from Shanghai.(Shanghai To Yiwu)

If you take bus, it leaves about every 1 hour and available at various long distance inter-province bus stations. And take about 4 hours. Some stations got more schedules than others. Make sure you know which station you are going to. Again, the hotel staff should be able to give you directions. You may want to go to either the general station ( or Ke yun Zong zhan at No. 1662 of
Zhongxing Road) or Pacific Station (tai ping yang station at
No. 710 Hengfeng Road.) Actually buses are just fine if you don't get car sick.

Private transportation From Shanghai to Yiwu (Recommended for group of 2 people or more) If you want more comfort and privacy, we can also arrange private car/van pick up from Shanghai to Yiwu.

Guangzhou To Yiwu

It would be a good choice flight to Yiwu from Guangzhou or shenzhen,and takes about 2 hours only,learn more about the flight schedule please click the ·Yiwu Airport.

Hong Kong To Yiwu
Yiwu has opened airlines and regular bus to Hong Kong directly.
Note: Hong Kong to Yiwu the airplane takeoff at 18:10 on Tues. and Sat.,at 18:30 on Thurs.. The regular bus sendoff at 15:00 at Tung Lo Wan and arrive in Yiwu at the next days 9:00.

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