Online Store Services Pack Start from US$1499 

Online Store Services Pack Start from US$1499

Below is the list of the all the features included in our Online Store Service Pack.
General Functionality
* Compatibility with all PHP4 and PHP5 versions
* All features enabled by default for a complete out-of-the-box solution
* Object-oriented back-end
* Completely multilingual with English, German, and Spanish provided by default
Setup / Installation
* Automatic web-browser based installation and upgrade procedure
Design / Layout
* Template structure implementation to:
* allow layout changes to be adaptive, easy, and quickly to make
* allow easy integration into an existing site
* Support for dynamic images
* Supports unlimited products and categories
Administration / Backend Functionality
* Add/Edit/Remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews
* Support for files upload/download
* Administration area secured with a username and password defined during installation
* Contact customers directly via email or newsletters
* Easy backups and database restoration
* Print invoices and packaging lists from the order screen
* Statistics for products and customers
* Multilingual support
* Multicurrency support
* Automatic update currency exchange rates
* Select what to display, and in what order, in the product listing page
* Support for static and dynamic banners with full statistics
Customer / Front end Functionality
* All orders stored in the database for fast and efficient retriever
* Customers can view their order history and order statuses
* Address book for multiple shipping and billing addresses
* Temporary shopping cart for guest users / permanent shopping cart for registered customers
* Fast and friendly quick search and advanced search features
* Product reviews for an interactive shopping experience
* Secured transactions over SSL
* Number of products in each category can be shown or hidden
* Display what other customers have ordered with the current product shown
* Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation
Product Functionality
* Dynamic product attributes relationship
* HTML based product descriptions
* Automated display of specials
* Control if out of stock products can still be shown and are available for purchase
* Customers can subscribe to products to receive related emails/newsletters
Payment Functionality
* Accept numerous offline payment processing (cheque, money orders, offline credit care processing,)
* Accept numerous online payment processing (PayPal, 2CheckOut,, iPayment,)
* Possibility to select one or more payment methods
Shipping Functionality
* Weight, price, and destination based shipping modules
* Real-time quotes available (UPS, USPS, FedEx,)
* Free shipping based on amount and destination
* Possibility to select one or more shipping methods
Tax Functionality
* Flexible tax implementation on a state and country basis
* Set different tax rates for different products
* Charge tax on shipping on a per shipping service basis
Product Functionality
* virtual product
* convenient search
* various product classification
* product ranking
* membership center
* shopping cart
* tax management
* comment on the product
* bulletin board
* product info displayed variously
* smooth flow for shopping online
* product added
* product list
* product batch upload
* product batch edit
* new arrival notice
* unlimited product category
* product category added
* brand list
* brand added
* attribute & accessory added
* attribute & accessory list
* related products management
* comment on attribute
* comment list
* message list
Marketing promotion functionality
* Non-member shopping
* member price
* gift category
* gift list
* exchange rule
* coupon list
* coupon added
* wholesale solution
* bundle sales list
* special products
* filter setting(IP)
* sendout setting
* email content setting
* email group setting
International functionality
* UTF-8 code
* multi-lingual
* multi-currencies
* multi tax rates
Order functionality
* online order generation
* order list
* print format
* status follow up
SEO functionality
* google sitemap submit
* whole site tag
* product page tag
* link list
* link added
Statistic functionality
* visitor statistic
* sales statistic
* keywords statistic
* client-end analysis
* IP analysis
* page visit analysis
* referral website analysis
Member functionality
* member list
* member agreement
* member tier
* periodical list
Article functionality
* Article category
* article category added
* article list
* article added
Administration functionality
* administrator added
* administrator list
* system administrator password
* database backup & restore
* multiple security strategy
* change templates within catalog
Integration functionality
* multi payment & shipping methods integration clients should provide the necessary info
* online prompt communication integration
* online C.S integration
Online Store Services Pack Price: Start from US$1499

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