Shanghai to Yiwu

Shanghai to Yiwu

Would you come from shanghai to Yiwu? Shanghai is the largest city in China. Welcome to Yiwu vis Shanghai!

Shanghai to Yiwu By private car

Our regular customers usually choose this way.

The easiest way would be getting someone to pick you up from Shanghai Pudong Airport, then a 4 hour’s drive to Yiwu directly. The car is 7 seat Buick GL8 MPV. The rate is 800RMB or 130USD per car. If you are several people and have several luggages, we suggest you book the car.  

Please call (+86) 181 5879 6699  Donnie.


Shanghai to Yiwu By train

The cheapest way would be getting a subway from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station (8RMB, 2 hours), then take the fast D-train to Yiwu (108RMB/adult for 1st class ticket, 90RMB/adult for 2nd class ticket, 2 hours 20mins). Maybe you should wait at train station for several hours. And after 15:22 you can not buy the D-train ticket, then you should come to Shanghai South train station. If normal train, it will be 4 hours. If you are only one people and have no luggage or only one luggage, and your business travel is not very urgent and time is enough, we suggest you choose this cheap way.

We can pick up you at Yiwu Railway Station for free.

Train NumberFromETDToTOATime
K8371Shanghai South06:04Yiwu09:313h35min
K833Shanghai South06:37Yiwu10:544h17min
K1181Shanghai South06:43Yiwu11:395h16min
D5651Shanghai Hongqiao06:43Yiwu09:142h31min
D5689Shanghai Hongqiao06:48Yiwu09:212h33min
D97Shanghai Hongqiao07:45Yiwu10:042h19min
K8457Shanghai South07:51Yiwu12:184h27min
D5661Shanghai Hongqiao08:47Yiwu11:212h34min
K149Shanghai South08:49Yiwu12:313h42min
1185Shanghai South09:05Yiwu13:003h55min
D105Shanghai Hongqiao09:05Yiwu11:132h08min
T169Shanghai South11:13Yiwu14:143h01min
D5677Shanghai Hongqiao11:20Yiwu13:382h18min
K533/K536Shanghai South11:30Yiwu15:043h33min
T211Shanghai South11:50Yiwu14:563h6min
K511Shanghai South12:02Yiwu15:203h18min
K163Shanghai South12:16Yiwu15:483h32min
T81Shanghai South13:02Yiwu16:163h14min
K751/K754Shanghai South12:50Yiwu17:124h22min
K71/K74Shanghai South13:37Yiwu17:223h45min
K122/K123Shanghai South13:47Yiwu17:313h44min
D5653Shanghai Hongqiao14:28Yiwu17:042h36min
D91Shanghai Hongqiao14:50Yiwu17:222h30min
K575Shanghai South14:24Yiwu18:444h20min
K807Shanghai South15:11Yiwu19:093h58min
D5663Shanghai Hongqiao15:22Yiwu18:012h39min
K252/K253Shanghai South15:41Yiwu19:243h43min
K111Shanghai South15:47Yiwu19:353h48min
K181Shanghai South15:57Yiwu19:433h46min
K759Shanghai South16:12Yiwu19:563h44min
K859Shanghai South16:52Yiwu20:113h19min
K537Shanghai South16:58Yiwu20:043h6min
1373/1376Shanghai South17:11Yiwu21:053h54min
K469Shanghai South17:17Yiwu21:294h37min
2001Shanghai South17:23Yiwu21:484h47min
K351/K354Shanghai South17:35Yiwu21:364h1min
K271Shanghai South18:12Yiwu21:553h43min
K79Shanghai South18:24Yiwu22:244h0min
K739Shanghai South18:44Yiwu23:334h49min
K11/K14Shanghai South19:21Yiwu23:234h2min
K959Shanghai South19:27YiwuND 00:315h4min
K197/K200Shanghai South20:50YiwuND 00:373h47min
Z26/Z27Shanghai South21:51YiwuND 00:102h19min
K8401/K8404Shanghai South23:57YiwuND 03:053h16min


Shanghai to Yiwu By Bus

If you do not like the on-and-offs, you can have another option: Take a non-stop bus from Pudong Airport to Yiwu. There are two buses departure from Pudong Airport for Yiwu. One at 11:40, the other at 16:30(GMT+08:00).You can buy the ticks(180.00 CNY/adult) right inside the airport. Please confirm this with the airport service staff first and ask for any help. If the Pudong Airport buses time is not right for you, you can go to other long distance bus stations in Shanghai like: Tai Ping Yang (The Pacific) Bus Station, Shanghai South Bus Station, Shanghai Long Distance Bus Station… more than 50 buses leaving from Shanghai to Yiwu each day.

Taxi Fees from Yiwu Airport, Yiwu Train Station to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel

#1 Taxi Fees from Yiwu Airport to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel: 35 RMB – 50 RMB, according to your hotel location. 

#2 Taxi Fees from Yiwu Yiwu Train Station to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel: 30 RMB – 50 RMB, according to your hotel location. We can pick up you from Yiwu airport or yiwu train station using our company car (5-seat car Mercedes Benz or 7-seat car Buick GL8 MPV). It is FREE for our customers.

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