True Identity Verfication Services

True Identity Verification Services * Verify supplier’s true identity
* Verify its bank account
* Verify its phone number
* Business license English translation
* Contact person ID card English translation

Every one knows that China is the world factory; there are so many good quality products with good price in China that you can find in Internet, but be careful, there are so many frauds also in China . You can search “scam” in Alibaba community that it has about 10,000 results that many foreign buyers were scammed and lost lots of money !
True Identity Verification (TIV) service helps you verify the true identity of your partner in China before ordering, TIV service verified your partner:
(1) is a legal registered company in China ;
(2) has a current and active demand deposit bank account in China ;
(3) the phone number belongs to this company;
(4) the contact person is an employee of your partner that is responsible for communicating with you.

After we have finished the verification, we will send a PDF document to you including an English translated business license (Annual Audited) with local government authority database search result translation, a verified bank record, and phone call record to the contact person for verification based on its phone bill, and the contact person’s ID card translation .
TIV service takes 3-5 work days based on your partner’s cooperation while we are doing the vetting.

True Identity Verfication Services Fee: US$99 We strongly recommend you using our True Identity Verification (TIV) services before you order products in China to prevent you from being scammed, we love to help you.

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