Are you looking for a good buying agent in Yiwu?
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Yiwu Baoyue Export provide One- Stop Buying Agency Services in Yiwu.  we will arrange all things from your trip!

Our company have over 10 years experience to help customers to buy goods in Yiwu international trade market. as you know,  Yiwu market is the biggest  commodity market in the world, there are so many shops in the Yiwu international trade market. you can get almost all of products which you want to buy from China, But many shops only is a wholesaler but not a real manufacturer , after so many years working in Yiwu market ,  we have already selected many real factories and manufacturers from the market.
We try our best to help our customers to get best prices in the market.  and provide best purchasing agency services in China. 

Yiwu Futian Market

When you have plan to visit China, please feel free to Contact Us. we will arrange all things for your trip.  such as we help customers to get free Invitation, once we know the exactly date which you will arrived at the airport. we will arrange driver to pick up you from the airport in China. and we will help you to Book hotel as your requirements. and we will arrange all things for your trip. you don't need thing about how to find which products. or you don't worry about how to arrange goods sending from China. of course, you don't worry about translators for your trip.and we have very big Warehouse to help customers to collect goods,inspect goods and arrange goods sending from China, we provide one stop buying agent services in Yiwu.

Welcome to visit our company !
Any question,please don't hesitate to contact us. from now on, hope we will be good cooperators and friends.

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