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The World’s Largest Wholesale Market Of Small Commodities!

“Yiwu market is the world largest wholesale market of general merchandise.”

                                                                                                                  —by United Nations, The World Bank, and Morgan Stanley.

Thank you for visiting our website and warmly welcome to Yiwu China!

Yiwu Market is made from China Yiwu International Trade City 

(District 1District 2District 3District 4,District 5) and some local Markets & Districts (Yiwu Binwang marketYiwu Furniture MarketYiwu Material & Construction Market , etc. ).

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Yiwu Market  History of Yiwu marketYiwu Market Figures And Facts

The Feature of Yiwu Market

 1) The World’s Largest Wholesale Market Of Small Commodities

 2) One-stop Shopping of Commodities in 1901 Categories

 You need not go to other places, only in Yiwu market.

 3) Zero-distance Contact With 58,000 Chinese Suppliers

 You can see, you can touch, you can take photos, huge designs for your choice.

 4) All-day Exhibition Of 410,000 Kinds Of Consumer Goods

Yiwu commodities market_Yiwu FU Tian Market_Yiwu Wholesale Market

            Looking down from the above about the The Yiwu international trade Market

 It opens 8 Hours a Day (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM), 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year. It is like a permanent trade show.

 5) Accept Small Quantity, Can Mix lots of Items in One Container

 Unlike Guangzhou or other cities in China, where buyers usually are required to buy container loads of goods to receive favorable pricing, minimum quantity in Yiwu  starts only with 1 carton, and yet you still receive wholesale prices.

 6) All the Prices in Yiwu wholesale market is the Factory Price

 Yiwu is the Heart of the World’s Factory. 90% shops in yiwu market are factory direct sale.

 7) Most of the Products are in Stock, Can Deliver within 1 week,Time is money.many customers come to buy stocks.

Top 18 Markets in Yiwu

1) Yiwu Jewelry Market

2) Yiwu Artificial Flowers Market

3) Yiwu Toys Market

4) Yiwu Arts & Crafts Market

5) Yiwu Suitcases & Bags Market

6) Yiwu Clocks & Watches Market

7) Yiwu Rainwear & Umbrellas Market

8) Yiwu Office & School Supplies Market

9) Yiwu Sports & Outdoor Market

10) Yiwu Cosmetics Market

11) Yiwu Socks Market

12) Yiwu Belts Market

13) Yiwu Neckties &Towels Market

14) Yiwu Shoes Market

15) Yiwu Daily Use Products Market

16) Yiwu Gloves & Mittens Market

17) Yiwu Hats & Caps Market

18) Yiwu Scarves & Neckties Market

Yiwu Artificial Flowers Market

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The Featured Products in Yiwu Market

 1) Apparel &Shoes : T-Shirts, Dresses, Sportswear, Lingerie, Jeans, Underwear, Socks, Boots, Sneakers.

 2) Fashion Accessories: Headwear, Hats, Neckties, Belts, Gloves, Sunglasses, Watches, Bags, Handbags.

 3) Gifts & Crafts: Christmas Products, Crystal Crafts, Metal Crafts, Holiday Gifts & Decoration, Photo & Picture Frames, Key Chains,  Candles & Candles Holders.

 4) Health & Beauty: Massagers, E-Cigarette, Makeup & Makeup Tools, Skin Care, Perfume & Perfume Bottles, Personal Hygiene.

 5) Home & Garden: Baby Supplies, Bath & Toilet, Bedding, BBQ, Cookware, Tableware, Kitchen Accessories.

 6) Jewelry: Bangles & Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings, Jewelry Set, Necklaces, Rings, Silver & Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gemstones.

 7) Office & School Supplies: Pens, Notebook, Calculator, Educational Supplies.

 Promotional Gifts: Keychain, Caps, Lanyard, Digital Photo Frames, Coasters, Golf Items, T-shirts.

 9) Sports & Outdoor: Camping, Games, Pet & Products, Scooters, Sport Products.

 10) Toys: Dolls, R/C Toys, Educational Toys, Ball, Electrical Toys, Plastic Toys.

 Yiwu Market Sourcing Services

 Yiwu Market, the world’s largest wholesale market of general merchandise. 

 Welcome to Yiwu market !

Yiwu Market Guide

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Local Markets and Districts

Zhezhong Timber Market

Yiwu Decoration City

Yiwu Material & Construction Market

Yiwu Digital Marketplace

Yiwu Binwang market 

Yiwu Furniture Market

Yiwu Food Market

Yiwu Auto City

Yiwu Home Appliances Market

Yiwu Night Market

Yiwu New Huangyuan Market

Yiwu Market Figures And Facts

Huangyangmei Lights Application Market 

What is Yiwu Index?

History of Yiwu market

Yiwu Futian Market

China Yiwu International Trade City

Yiwu International Trade City District 1

Yiwu Artificial Flowers Market

Yiwu Toys Market

Yiwu Arts & Crafts Market

Yiwu Hair Ornament Market

Yiwu Jewelry Market

Yiwu Jewelry Accessories Market

Yiwu International Trade City District 2

Yiwu Suitcases & Bags Market

Yiwu Electronics Market

Yiwu Sanitary Ware Market

Yiwu Kitchenware Market

Yiwu Home Appliances Market

Yiwu Telecommunication Appliance Market 

Yiwu Clocks & Watches Market

Yiwu Locks Market

Yiwu Electric Products Market

Yiwu Hardware Tools & Fittings Market

Yiwu Vehicle Market

Yiwu Rainwear & Umbrellas Market

Yiwu Clothing Accessories Market

Yiwu International Trade City District 3

Yiwu Pens Market

Yiwu Paper Products Market

Yiwu Eyewear & Sunglasses Market

Yiwu Office & School Supplies Market

Yiwu Sports & Outdoor Market

Yiwu Cosmetics Market

Yiwu Mirrors & Combs Market

Yiwu Imported Commodities Mall

Yiwu International Trade City District 4

Yiwu Socks Market

Yiwu Belts Market

Yiwu Bras & Underwear Market

Yiwu Neckties & Towels Market