Yiwu Shoes Market

Yiwu Shoes Market

Yiwu Shoes market: Men’s shoes, women’s shoes, kids shoes, sneakers, dress shoes, casual shoes, slippers, sandals, flip flops, wedding shoes, stock shoes.
* Location: 3rd Floor, District 4, International Trade City.
* Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, 7×365, except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival.
Shoes is everybody’s daily use necessity consumer goods, it entered and hosted in the first generation Yiwu market as the main goods. Then the Yiwu market went through several generations’ move, remake, upgrade, to go to the Yiwu international trade city step by step.

                                                              Yiwu Shoes Market

However, the Yiwu shoes industry is not like the sock, accessories, zipper, textile, art ware industry, as the market’s upgrade, enlarge to build their unique advantage, the Yiwu shoes market are trying to find the new road to make the way out.
Once Yiwu is the nationwide important shoes wholesale market. Shoes is the “father” grade product in Yiwu. Now it majors in the 3rd Floor, District 4 of the International Trade City. Except some private small scale shoes manufacturers, there’’re also the large scale shoe selling agency here. So different kinds of requirement can be deal with.
Quality to be the foundation. Yiwu shoes market major on controlling the shoes quality, for a long term business in the future, the best way to keep active is to ensure the quality. The type of shoe style you can find here a lot, woman basic shoe, woman fashion shoe, man basic shoe, man fashion shoe, children shoe,

Yiwu shoes market is try to have the brand position. The Yiwu shoes market is not develop so well as some famous shoe product area, we need to find better way to help develop. Here the brand strategy is powerful, so not only the product, but also the brand.
If you are a shoes importer, Yiwu shoes market surely the gathering place for your various choosing. The wholesale price can give you strong competitiveness in your local market. Come here, here is the best choice for you!

Welcome to Yiwu Shoes Market !

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