Yiwu Eyewear & Sunglasses Market

Yiwu Eyewear & Sunglasses Market

The location of Yiwu Eyewear & Sunglasses Market is on the 1st floor, district 3, International trade city. The opening hour is 9:00-17:00 except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival.

Yiwu Eyewear & Sunglasses Market is the largest wholesale glasses marketplace in China. Glasses are one of the strongest industries of Yiwu. You can find all Chinese famous glasses brands in the market.

Yiwu Eyewear & Sunglasses Market

There are more than 2500 showrooms for glasses, sunglasses, contact lens and others on the first floor in district 3.

Most shops assistance love playing like displaying their new models in the windows. Most of the shop assistants or shop owners, you can call them all “laoban”, pronounced “Lorban”, have no difficulties quoting a price or dealing with simple questions in English. But if you want to go further, you need a translator.

The price is extremely low if you can find the right suppliers.

Most suppliers in Yiwu Eyewear & Sunglasses Market are from Zhejiang province and Guangdong province, including many strong manufacturing cities and towns like Shantou, Wenzhou and Ningbo.

The mixed designs and mix colors is allowed here in shops. But the minimum order quantity is very different from shop to shop here.

Few stalls are willing to offer free samples. Most of them prefer you buy a sample first then deduct that money from your future orders. The sample is usually a little bit more expensive than the wholesale price.

The service quality improved significantly from last year after worldwide financial crisis hit this industry, but the overall service level still lags far behind of developed countries. But many “laobans” can still deliver good service.

As Yiwu is a good big market to compete and show strength. Most suppliers choose Yiwu market as the first place to put their new models or offer competitive prices, to gain a bigger market share.