Yiwu Home Appliances Market

Yiwu Home Appliance Market

Yiwu Home Appliance Market: There are more than 500 sales entities in 2nd District, Yiwu International Trade city. The products include induction cooker, water fountain, electric fan, elctric hair drier, shaver, water heater, etc, which are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc.

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Yiwu Home Appliances Market

The analysis of Yiwu small home appliance industry of July: since it entered the summer of 2010, the sales of Yiwu small home appliance are warming up too. The small home appliances, like the air-conditioning fan for both cooling and heating, various mini refrigerators, cute USB mosquito killer lamps, USB humidifiers, and so on, are hot in sales in Yiwu International Trade city yiwupromos.com knows from the customers that the product up-gradation of Yiwu small home appliances is accelerating with outstanding sales performance. Because of the severer industrial competition, Yiwu enterprises have many innovations in new products developing of styles and functions. There are new products with novelty and creativity coming out continuously in Yiwu market, such as the popular USB mosquito killer lamps, humidifiers, fans, chargers, etc. Some novel small home appliances, like multifunctional juice extractors and mini water fountains are well-received in summer by purchasers. As a seller of small home appliance introduced, nowadays people are paying more attention to quality lives, so the small home appliances with fashionable appearance, rich functions and reasonable prices are popular among households.

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