Help Customer to Open One shop in Yiwu international Trade Market

Our company help any customer to open a shop and we provide business management and administration

Do you know Yiwu Market?

Do you know the real Yiwu international Trade Market ?

Maybe you know something about Yiwu of China,or you know some business information from Yiwu of China. maybe your home have something imported from China Yiwu international Market.

If you want to open your own shop in Yiwu Market ? or Export your country goods to China Market ? or Export to all over the world by Yiwu International Trade Market?

If Yes! congratulations ! you come to right place!

Our company will help you to achieve your ideal !

Yiwu Futian Market

Do you know how to open a shop in Yiwu international market?

If you don't want to come to Yiwu and stay in your shop, how to do business ?

If problem happen how to deal with ?


Our company would like to help you to deal with all questions.

Our company would like to be your manager in Yiwu of China. we can open a shop in Yiwu Market and arrange everything according to your company requirements. we can be your branch company in China. and we will deal with all problems if you want to open a shop in Yiwu International Trade Market. even though you when you encounter a problem.

Open a shop in Yiwu International Trade Market is not hard.

With the development of China. we think about after 10 years, China economic willbe the biggest economic volume in the world, and China government is very open to welcome any countries to do in China, and China government would like to import world's global resources from all over the world.

As we know, Yiwu market is the biggest general merchandise market in the world. and China market is also very very big . you can find every years so many containers export containers are sent from Yiwu market , and so many countries come to Yiwu to buy goods from Yiwu market. why you can't sell your company products?

It's very big market to sale your goods by cooperate with our company. why not ?

Cooperate with our company. why ?

Our company is a local import and export company in Yiwu. we have over 10 years import and export business experience in Yiwu market. we are very family with Yiwu market and we are very family with China Market. if you have competitive products or special goods which suitable for China market or the world's market, with the cooperatation with our company you can open the bigger quantity products export business in the future. and we provide goods services and reasonable cost for our cooperation. we trust we will do good business together.

1.Our company have perfect sale channel in many provinces of China .

With many years development. we have already established our own sale channel in many provinces in China. we have many sales agent stores in many cities and we help them to provide good imported goods from all over the world. such as red wine, sunflower oil,garment, toils, snack, washing supplies, baby products, shoes ,cosmetics ,African nuts,and so on, of course, we can help you to find more wholesaler which you want to exploit China market. it's easy for us.

2. Yiwu International trade market shop managerment services.

We help customer to open their own shops in Yiwu market, we help them to find good shop and right place to show their products in yiwu market. it's very important thing. that's why some shop can do good business but some shop lost money. we have experience to help customers to do this working.

If customer can arrange marketing representative, that's better. but if you don't want to ask somebody stay in the shop of Yiwu. our company can help you find good shop assistant for your shops. from your yiwu shop, you can sell your products to all over the world.

Very important, we help customer to import goods from your countiry and provide warehouse services. you can send your goods to our warehouse in Yiwu. it's easy to arrange sending from China. or sending goods from your country directly. you can do business in yiwu market by cooperation with our company.

any question about this case. please feel free to contact us to get more details.

3. Our company help you to resolve many problems when you want to sell your goods from Yiwu market of China.

Our company is a local import and export company, we have done many years import and export business in China. and we help customers to deal with differient questions when they meet. we provide wide services, if you need to know more, please check our website about our company services details.

4. Buying goods in Yiwu more easy.

Our company is a agent company, we focus on general mechandise so many years. we arrange all of your business if you want to buy goods in China. we will provide the Real ONE-STOP solution in buying goods from Yiwu market.Feel free to contact us !