Baoyue Export Buying agent Services and Purchasing Agency Services

Baoyue Purchasing Agency Services

Yiwu Baoyue Export Company Focus On General Merchandise and Buying Agency Services.

We have 10 Years experience in helping clients to purchase goods in Yiwu international trade market.

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The World’s Leading Consumer Goods Sourcing Company for Super Market Chain Stores, One Dollar/ Euro Stores, Major Retailers and Brands. Promotional Gifts Importers.

Samples Room

Help Customer to Open One shop in Yiwu international Trade Market

Agency Services

Baoyue Export Provide widely Yiwu Market Guide. Translate services. We will follow your orders and arrange goods sending according to your requirements . Consolidate all the goods.

Cooperate with our company , you can fast get world wide supply chain of Yiwu international trade market. and we will help you to get best prices.

Shipping Services

Yiwu Shipping agents From Baoyue Intl Group


Yiwu Market Guide. Translate and interpret. Follow your orders. Consolidate all the goods

Sourcing products to catch your market demand. Sourcing reliable manufacturers and suppliers.


Transportation Booking Containers. Loading Container and Inspection.


Branding. Graphic Design. Printing Solutions. Barcode Reading Test.

Extra Service

Issue Invitation Letter. Hotel Booking. Airport Pick up.


Quality Control. Delivery Time Control. Package Control. Lab Test Control.

More Services

For urgent order/questions, please call:

(+86) 181 5879 6699 Mr. Donnie

(+86) 158 2579 5954 Ms. Linda

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