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Are you a buyer who's looking to export inexpensive products from China, particularly Yiwu?

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BAOYUE Intl Group Purchasing Agent, is a full services trading company, an alliance of many direct Chinese manufacturers, factories and vendors, and a product sourcing agent, purchasing agency in Yiwu China. We help international buyers source Chinese products in a cost effective and hassle free way. As a reliable purchasing agent in Yiwu market of China, we provide professional sourcing, buying, warehouse,loading and shipping services for our customers from all over the world, We have helped our customers successfully enlarge their business for many years. If you want to buy products with high quality, cheaper price, small quantity and immediately shipment in Yiwu market, please read following contents.

With our strategic location at Yiwu, China, we are able to source over 300 thousand varieties of goods with ease. Thousands of manufacturers and direct vendors are now selling in the Yiwu Market, which takes over 104 days to visit all the wholesale stalls with only 1 minute stay at each stall. Now you've reached your one-stop sourcing portal to Yiwu China. More foreign purchasers come here to buy goods, more factories come here to set showrooms , it makes Yiwu Market become more and more competitive. Authority concludes Yiwu Market will be the center of international trade of commodities.

Yiwu market is the biggest wholesale market in China. Yiwu market (total 2,600,000 square meters) is open all year round. The suppliers in the market accept small quantity orders, and many items (from different suppliers) could be mixed in one container. All prices in the market are original factory prices. Most of the products are in stock, and could be delivered within 2 weeks.

Yiwu Baoyue Company Business Scopes:

1.Manufacturers sourcing, quotation, price negotiation, orders following and quality control.

2.Guide tour to factories, showrooms, wholesale markets in Yiwu and cities nearby.

3.Custom clearance and all necessary documentation.

4.Booking container, sea, air, inland transportation.

5.Domestic and local transportation service.

6.Hotel reservation,translation and picking clients up from the airport and markets.

7.Free warehouse for temporary use.

8.Lowest commission.

And Much More......

Before you come to yiwu

1. Advising you the best time and period for your business trip to China. Sourcing suppliers and arrange the meetings for you before you come to China.

2. Issuing Invitation letter (Business invitation or official invitation) for your visa application.

3. Booking the hotel for you with the best discount.

4. Picking you up from the Shanghai pudong airport, Hangzhou xiaoshan airport or Yiwu airport.

When you arrive in yiwu,start your purchasing

1. Guiding you to visit the right product markets and visit all the shops one by one, or visit the factory if you need;

2. Translating between you and the supplier;

3. Writing down all the product details,such as: item No, description, unit pric, quantity, size, colour, packing details,MOQ etc. In the meantime, we take photos for all the merchandise you have ordered.

4. Making the Proforma Invoice that including the unit price, pcs/ctn,total amount, total CBM,ocean freight,local handling fee.etc for your reference together with our Purchase Order.

After you Complete the purchasing in yiwu

1. Placing orders upon your confirmation and the receipt of 30%-50% advanced payment;

2. Following every order to make sure the production will be completed according to our expected time and requirement we will keep you posted about the progress.

3. Clients T/T the rest amount before collecting goods since we have to pay off suppliers on the day of collection;

4. Collecting all the goods in our own warehouse and inspect the goods to make sure orders are according to your requirement, and sending you the inspection report for your confirmation;

5. Distributing the payment to all conformed suppliers;

6. According to customer’s request, book shipping space and arrange the shipment.

7. Preparing the export documents concerned and do custom declaration.

8. Sending you all the documents including B/L,Packing List , Commercial Invoice to help you do the Custom clearance in the destination.

When you are not in China or no plan to Yiwu

1. If you want to customize your own design or want us to source the one exactly the same as your sample,we do source simultaneously in the yiwu markets or on the B2B website;

2. We do sample development upon the receipt of sample cost;

3. Proceeding to the above order routine once you confirm the sample;

4. Inspecting the orders for you if you ordered directly from the factories. Our QC staff will go to the factory and do the quality control. Then send you a inspection report for your confirmation.

5. Sending you the latest products or products you may like.

If you are looking for agent services in Yiwu China, please feel free to contact us.

We charge an affordable commission (Low to 1%) based on your grant purchase value.

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