Supermarket Chain Stores Puchasing One-Stop Agency Services in Yiwu of China

Supermarket Chain Stores Puchasing One-Stop Agency Services in Yiwu of China

Are you looking for some company which can help you to buy all of the goods for your Chain supermarket?

We are honored to have you visit our website. and congratulations ! you come to right place!

Our company supply One-Stop purchasing agency services for the customers who want to buy many kinds of goods for their chain supermarket from all over the world ! It's really a lot of working ! but for our company , it's a piece of cake!

We are super market chain stores marketing soucing company in Yiwu.

Our company have over 10 years experience in helping customers to buy goods in Yiwu market of China, as you know, you can find almost all of goods which you want to get from China. Yiwu market is the biggest general merchandise market in the world.

We are BAOYUE EXPORT. and please check our company features:

1. 10 years purchasing goods experience in Yiwu market.

If you want to import goods easy and safe, you hard better find a professional buying agancy company to help you. because of a professional agency company can help you to deal with all problems. we have over 10 years experience in this business. we help clients to resolve many problems in the purchasing goods process from China. we have many good experience and skills. if you have any question or suggestion,please don't hesitate to contact us. we will reply you within 24 hours.

2. Different languages translators services.

please don't worry about nobody know you and you can speak your own languages when you buy goods in China.

3. One-Stop solution in Yiwu market.

We have many different kinds of goods manufacturer resource.

If you want to find goods with best prices,or hope to go to real factory directly, it's better choice to cooperate with us and it's a easy way to find right goods in China. and we supply one stop purchasing agency services. you will save a lot of time. when you come to our company and we will arrange all things for your trip, and after you go back to your country. you will receive goods easy. and all of your goods we will help you to manage in our samplesroom, if you reorder in the future ,it's easy to get all of information about different item goods.

4. 1000+ square meters Showroom to help customers to keep samples which from differents customer buy goods each time.

It's easy to get old information about the goods which you buy some years ago.

5. 50000+ real manufacturers source from China.

Over 10 years purchasing agency services for different customers. we have accumulated over 50000+ quality manufacturers source.

It's easy to find right goods for your needing. and we can bring you to go to real factory directly if you need. you can get right goods with competitive prices by cooperation with us.

6. Free invitation services for your trip.

When you plan to visit China, you must need a invitation for your visa. we can help you to make the free invitation for your trip. feel free to contact us.

7.Picking up service from airport.

When you arrive in airport of China. you hard better ask the professional driver to some place. our company will go to airport to pick up you according to your arriving date. the cost from airport to the destination is reasonable. if you want to know more details, don't hesitate to let us know your trip.

8. The low commission.

We are professional buying agency company in Yiwu. we help customers to purchase goods only earn little commission according to the goods. for big customers. our company commission is near 1%. it's very low. for our normal customers, we only asking for 3% commission for all of our services. it's very low commission. our company mission " Responsibility and Friendships, Integrity and Trust, Diversity and Cooperation". if you often come to Yiwu to buy container goods, it's good choice to cooperate with our company. you will find it's easy way to do business in China. most of customers they often come to Yiwu to buy one container goods for the supermarket chain stores. we help them to get many different kinds of goods in Yiwu market and arrange shipping.

Hope we also have opportunity to cooperte in the future. any question,please feel free to contact us.

9. Export your country goods to China.

Our company often import goods from other countries. if you have compititive prices goods and suitable for China market. it's a good way to cooperate with our company. we have a lot of cooperated imports shops in many cities of China. we often help those imports shops to import goods from other country. so we also welcome you to contact us to discuss the import business.

This year, the world's business is slow and many people lost life because of COVID-19, It's hard for all lifes, from now on, there are over 10 millions people get ill and each day many people lost life, how hard for the world ! we must think about what's wrong about the world and we all must keep healthy and think about how to do next. we all hope to get better life and good business in the future, we hope you have good life. and we hope we have opportunity to cooperate after the hard time. we warmly welcome you to visit our company.

Anyway,we believe the future is willbe better. thanks for your attention.