China Yiwu Buying Agency Services

Yiwu BAOYUE provide export agent service and for clients who would like to purchase commodities directly from Yiwu commodity market. Agents provide cargo clearances, freight forwarding, air and sea cargo services.

Leading Sourcing Network in Yiwu, China.

Yiwu Promos have well established relationships with qualified manufacturers of various goods for prompt and efficient sourcing of products. Our staffs work closely with local manufacturers to ensure faithful compliance of the requirements of our customer's order. We are also able to provide products from multiple origins to allow our customers the freedom to choose the best to meet their specific needs.(export agent)

Offering Customers Choices & Advantages Importers, buyer's and wholesalers around the world who purchase in Yiwu and have a wide variety of suppliers to choose from will have a much better chance of getting the products they want, at the highest quality, and at the reasonable prices. Our goal is to provide our customs that sourcing advantage by providing prompt responses, accurate product information, dependable quality assurance and timely and efficient delivery.

What We Do For Our Customers:

a:Requested product information

b:Update on the latest products and the novel features.

c:Bargain for minimum costs.

d:Monitor production in person to ensure adherence to quality and schedule.

e:Export Management.

Making Your Imports "ONE-STOP" Experiences

We would like to help you to remove the hassles and barriers you may encounter when importing form China and help you to succeed in the competitive market place. We will make you every import from China a ONE-STOP" shopping experience."